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# $Id$
List of people who have contributes to WMLScript.
N: Allison Randal
D: in ppd25cx branch
N: ambs
D: fix SVN properties
N: Chip Salzenberg
D: Say 'invar PMC' instead of 'in PMC' in WMLScript ops
N: chromatic
D: Changed DYNSELF to SELF (in ppd17pmc branch)
D: Fixed a segfault, ppd17pmc branch
D: Made PMCs use parrot/embed.h instead of parrot/parrot.h (RT #39043)
D: Changed real_exception() to Parrot_ex_throw_from_c() (in ppd25cx branch)
N: Jérome Quelin
D: find_type removal (in ppd15oo branch)
N: Jonathan Worthington
D: Remove UFlags argument from string_append (RT #40523)
N: Kevin Tew
D: update exception opcodes
N: Packy Anderson
N: Paul Cochrane
D: Explicitly casting args to all isxxxxx() functions to unsigned char as per RT#40865
D: fix Coding standards
D: fix SVN properties
D: Tidied Perl source with perltidy.
D: C-code coda
N: Stephen Weeks (tene)
D: update needed by exception magic branch
N: Will "Coke" Coleda
D: new PIR coda (codingstd)
D: remove deprecated getclass opcode (RT#47942)
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