Accurate estimation of conditional categorical probability distributions using Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
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Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes (HDP) for conditional distribution estimation

This package offers an accurate parameter estimation technique for Bayesian Network classifiers. It uses a Hierarchical Dirichlet Process to estimate the parameters (using a collapsed Gibbs sampler). Note that the package is built in a generic way such that it can estimate any conditional probability distributions over categorical variables.

More information available at

Underlying research and scientific paper

This code is supporting our paper in Machine Learning entitled "Accurate parameter estimation for Bayesian Network Classifiers using Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes".

The paper is also available on arXiv.

When using this repository, please cite:

  author = {Petitjean, Francois and Buntine, Wray and Webb, Geoffrey I. and Zaidi, Nayyar},
  title = {Accurate parameter estimation for Bayesian Network Classifiers using Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes},
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This package requires Java 8 (to run) and Ant (to compile); other supporting library are providing in the lib folder (with associated licenses).


Compiling HDP estimation

git clone
cd HDP

Getting a cross-platform jar

Simply entering ant jar will create a jar file that you can execute in most environments in bin/jar/HDP.jar. Normal execution would then look like java -jar -Xmx1g jar/HDP.jar Note that Xmx1g means that you are allowing the Java Virtual Machine to use 1GB - although this is ok for most datasets, please increase if your dataset is large. Note that the memory footprint increases linearly with the size of the tree, which in turns increases (in general) exponentially with the number of conditioning variables.

Running HDP estimation in command line

The compile command creates all .class files in the bin/ directory. To execute the demos, simply run:

java -Xmx1g -classpath bin:lib/commons-math3-3.6.1.jar testing.Test2LevelsExampleHeartAttack

This will run a simple example with a small toy dataset and then learning the probability distribution.

Using it for your own library

The code available at src/testing/ gives a good idea on how to plug your own code with this library. Basically, you have to create a dataset in the form of a matrix of integers (int[N][M+1]) where N is the number of samples, and M the number of covariates (or features). +1 is because the first column gives the values of the target variable you want to get a conditional estimate over. A cell data[i][j] represents the value taken by sample i for feature x_{j-1}. data[i][0] represents the value taken for the target variable. Things are coded over integers because this code is for categorical distributions.

String [][]data = {

ProbabilityTree hdp = new ProbabilityTree();
//learns p(target|x)
//print the tree


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