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Example: Using MongoDB .NET Driver with .NET Core WebAPI

Walkthrough blog post -

This is the first blog post, presenting the backend associated with a sample application: NotebookApp.

It is a quick walkthrough on using .NET Core 2 to build a Web API layer using MongoDB .NET Driver version 2. All the calls to the database are asynchronous.

Topics Covered

  • Technology stack
  • Configuration model
  • Options model
  • Dependency injection
  • MongoDb – Installation and configuration using MongoDB C# Driver v.2
  • Make a full ASP.NET WebApi project, connected async to MongoDB
  • Allowing Cross Domain Calls (CORS)
  • Update entire MongoDB documents
  • Exception management

How to run it

  • Download or clone this project locally
  • Install the tools - see here more details:
  • Run first the MongoDB server (details in the article)
  • Then in the console, within the current project folder, run the next two commands: dotnet restore, and then dotnet run
  • The ASP.NET Core WebAPI will run using IIS (default settings: http://localhost:5000)


Using MongoDB with ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET Core to perform CRUD operations and build a NotebookApp




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