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malb committed Aug 4, 2016
1 parent c68dcab commit 7885d9d
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Changes in fplll-5.0:

- switched to C++11
- switched to more open development model on GitHub, cf.
- support for computing optimal pruning parameters for a given lattice
- BKZ 2.0: recursive BKZ preprocessing, extreme pruning, gaussian
heuristic bound
- precomputed BKZ (2.0) reduction strategies up to block size 90, cf.
- Self-Dual BKZ and Slide reduction
- faster, recursive enumeration implementation
- Gaussian lattice sieving
- Python interface at
- optional dumping Gram-Schmidt vectors during execution of algorithm
- q-ary lattice generator
- instructions on how to cite
- optional support for doubledouble and quaddouble
- pkg-config support
- API documentation at
- revised build system supporting parallel build
- copyright headers
- how to cite
- pre-processing in BKZ
- dumping Gram-Schmidt vectors
- linear pruning
- dropped fplllv3 compatibility layer
- greatly increased test coverage, tests are run on every commit or
pull request
- coding/naming convention
- FP API improved to allow for more readable/natural code

Changes in fplll-4.0.4:
- compatibility for packages that still expect to build against
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