fplll days 4, aka Xmas fplll[sieving] days

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  • December 18 - 21 (Monday - Thursday morning): fplll days
  • December 21 - 22 (Thursday afternoon - Friday): lattice-meeting


Salle du Conseil du LIP (3rd floor) ENS de Lyon, Monod campus, main building

46 Allée d'Italie, 69007 Lyon


The idea of fplll days is inspired by the format of Sage Days which are semi-regularly organised by the SageMath community. The idea is simply to get a bunch of motivated developers in a room to work on code. We also schedule the occasional talk but the focus is on collaborative development of lattice algorithms.

This time, we will focus on putting together all known improvements for sieving. Of course, other coding projects for fplll will be welcomed.

Coding projects

  • Sieving implementation
  • Sieving for CVP(P)
  • Near neighbor module for sieving
  • Make fplll usable on Windows...
  • Improve coverage of fplll
  • Unstack some issues
  • Add your idea here


Mon. 18.12

Thu. 21.12 (morning)

  • Wrap-up

Thu.21.12 (afternoon)-Fri.22.12

  • Lattice-meeting


  • Mohamed Sabt
  • Shi Bai
  • Léo Ducas
  • Laurent Grémy
  • Gottfried Herold
  • Elena Kirshanova
  • Thijs Laarhoven
  • Damien Stehlé

If you would like to attend, please send an e-mail to Elena Kirshanova or Gottfried Herold for coding days or lattice-meeting (or both).


  1. Bed in City
  2. Appart-hôtel
  3. Park Avenue

An other list of hotels is available here.

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