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fplll days 5

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Monday, 28 October 2019 to Friday, 1 November 2019


Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Monday, 28 October: CDT Room, Bedford Building
  • Tuessday, 29 October: CDT Room, Bedford Building
  • Wednesday, 30 October: CDT Room, Bedford Building
  • Thursday, 31 October, CDT Room, Bedford Building
  • Friday, 1 November: FOUNDERS-E139

We also got an adjacent room (PC Teaching Lab 02 0-05) booked for:

  • Monday - 2pm-5pm
  • Tuesday 9am-3pm
  • Wednesday 10am-5pm
  • Thursday all day
  • Friday all day

Note that Egham != London.


Let's meet at 10am on Monday to discuss the schedule for the week.

The idea of fplll days is inspired by and will roughly follow the format of Sage Days which are semi-regularly organised by the SageMath community. The idea is simply to get a bunch of motivated developers in a room to work on code. Judging from experience in the SageMath community, lots of interesting projects get started and completed.

We might organise one talk per coding day, to give people a reason to gather at a given time of the day, but the focus would be very much on working on software for dealing with lattices together. Note that you don't have to work on fplll during "fplll days", we want to encourage work on any open-source project around lattice reduction etc.


Potential projects

  • Multicore enumeration: integrate fplll-extenum and provide strategies for multiple cores.
  • Multi-machine parallelism (MPI, ZeroMQ)
  • Bugfixes
  • Documentation
  • Merge or close pending PR
  • Cheap gradient (aka Reverse Mode of Differentiation) for the pruner
  • Dual sieving
  • Gram-Enumeration & Gram-BKZ
  • CVP(P) algorithms
    • Fix/update the current enumeration-based CVP implementation
    • Implement a direct, sieving-based CVP algorithm
    • Implement a sieving-based CVPP algorithm (approximate Voronoi cells + randomized iterative slicer)
    • Variants for approximate-CVP, BDD, etc.
  • Julia interface for FPLLL
  • External Evaluator for enumeration that may impose additional conditions on the candidate solution
  • Progressive BKZ implementation (please remove if fplll already has this!)



(if you'd like to attend, please send Martin an e-mail or add yourself below)

  • Martin Albrecht
  • Paulo Branco Da Silva
  • Koen de Boer
  • Emmanouil Doulgerakis
  • Léo Ducas
  • Laurent Grémy
  • Erin Hales
  • David Joseph
  • Thijs Laarhoven
  • Jianwei Li
  • Cong Ling
  • Marios Mavropoulos Papoudas
  • Christian Peel
  • Maxime Plancon
  • Rachel Player
  • Christian Porter
  • Eamonn Postlethwaite
  • Joe Rowell
  • Marc Stevens
  • Wessel van Woerden
  • Fernando Virdia
  • Michael Walter
  • Jiabo Wang


  • Léo Ducas
  • Martin Albrecht

Places to eat/drink

[Egham is at the bottom of the hill, Englefield Green at the top, google maps links omitted for aesthetics]


  • Acquolina (Italian – Egham)
  • Villa Rosa (Italian – Egham)
  • Caspari (Italian – Englefield Green)
  • Megna (Tandoori Indian – Englefield Green)


  • Happy Man (Pub, food until ~8pm – Englefield Green)
  • Barley Mow (``Gastro'' Pub – Englefield Green)
  • The Foresters (Pub + Thai food – Egham)


  • Bar 163 (cosy eatery – Egham)
  • Many takeaways (Egham)


For booking taxis to Heathrow see book it for "in front of the Union Shop".