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Leveraging cryptography in Java
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Understanding Java Cryptography


Cryptography is one of those areas in software development that invokes immediate reactions in engineers. You either absolutely love the complexities of the math involved and the nuances of the algorithms, or you prefer to just ignore this entire segment of software development. Cryptography may be a complex mathematical concept, but leveraging the crypto libraries isn't complex once you have seen them in action and understand the use cases.

In this talk we will start our discussion with cryptography and first rule of crypto. We will then look at the most utilized aspects of the java crypto library and discuss proper use of the specific APIs. We will discuss use cases when you want to leverage a specific API, some of the options contained within, and some of the potential gotchas that could render your system less secure.

By the time you leave this talk, you should have a basic understanding of the java crypto packages and basic uses cases.

Presented at

  • May 2018 Kansas City Java User Group
  • 2018 Kansas City Developers Conference

Last Updated

May 16, 2018

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