A long format workshop on the Spring framework.
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Introduction to Spring Workshop

This 8 hour workshop is designed to introduce the Java developer to the Spring Framework. It starts with the basics of configuring an application for basic Spring Inversion of Control and walks through several of the pieces of the core project. This workshop provides both lecture and hands on exercises to enforce the basic knowledge.


A deep dive into the core Spring Framework and some of the most popular projects. We will focus on configuring the application context, the bean lifecycle, data access, web applications, ReSTful web services, and the new hotness of Spring Boot.

Focuses include

  • Configuration of the Application Context
  • Bean Lifecycle
  • Data Access with Spring
  • Transaction Management for Relational Databases
  • Web Applications with Spring
  • ReSTful web services with Spring
  • Spring Boot
  • Testing with Spring
  • Spring Security


For success in this workshop, please have the following completed prior to the workshop. While I cannot support all operating system specifics, the links provided below should help.


Tentative schedule.

Section Time Frame Description Exercise
1 H 0-1 Introduction to Spring, the Application Context, and the Bean Lifecycle 1
2 H 2 Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring 2
3 H 3 Data Access with Spring 3
4 H 4 Web Applications with Spring 4
5 H 5-6 Spring Boot 5
6 As Permitted Testing with Spring None
7 As Permitted Spring Security None


  • presentation folder contains the Presentation for this workshop
  • lab contains the Lab instructions for this workshop
  • code contains all of the code. Each Exercise contains a working exercise folder and a solution folder.

Presented at

2017 Pairie.Code()

Last Updated

September 2017