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Spring: Under the Hood


The Spring Framework is by far the most popular java framework in use today, and for good reason. The IoC container, common enterprise abstractions, and open source strategy have allowed the framework to respond to business and user needs. As cloud computing has increased in scope, so has the offerings of Spring. Today’s Spring developer has many tools in his or her belt for building scalable application, but very few of these developers have spent time digging into how the framework itself operates. Knowledge of the core operations of the framework aids in troubleshooting issues, extending the framework to leverage business needs, finding more robust and efficient ways of solving complex problems, and ultimately submitting back to the framework. This talk looks at the Spring Bean lifecycle and what it takes to actually get the container up and running. We will look at the various ways of configuring the bean factory through its wrapper the Application Context. We will discuss the ways the framework leverages proxies to add behavior to your POJOs and opportunities you have to impact that behavior through lifecycle methods, lifecycle beans, or aspecting.


Basic understanding of the Spring framework

Presented At

  • 2017.10 Omaha Spring User Group

Last Updated

September 2017


An introduction to the lifecycle of the Spring IOC container and the beans contained therein.




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