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[DEPRECATED, see thx.core] General purpose library for Haxe
Haxe Shell
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src get rid of the IThis implementation, use the _that pattern used in dhx
.hgignore ignoring some generated haxedocs, etc. Update
build.hxml fixes
doc.bat Fix CRLF
haxedoc.xml général fixes
haxelib.xml général fixes
release.bat changes for 0.6.0
test.cpp.hxml fixes
test.js.hxml fixes
test.neko.hxml fixes
test.php.hxml fixes
test.swf.hxml fixes
test.swf9.hxml more fixes for tests
thx.sublime-project added a few to ignore
thx.sublime-workspace fixes

This library is officially deprecated.

Use this library only if you need to support code written with Haxe v.2.x.

The library has not been abandoned but it has been split in micro libraries covering specific aspects of software development.

The new libraries are documented on the website

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