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// Created by Fred Potter on 03/29/2019.
// Copyright (c) 2019 Fred Potter. All rights reserved.
import AppKit
open class ExpandingDatePicker: NSDatePicker {
var panel: ExpandingDatePickerPanel?
var isRefocusingToSourceDatePicker = false
override open func becomeFirstResponder() -> Bool {
if isRefocusingToSourceDatePicker {
return super.becomeFirstResponder()
guard let window = self.window else {
return super.becomeFirstResponder()
if !window.isKeyWindow || !window.isVisible {
// Our window isn't key and visible yet but we're being made the first responder, which
// means there was no user-interaction that made us first responder. It's most likely just
// the nib loading. In any case, we only care to expand on a real user-interaction, which
// this isn't so just let the plain, unexpanded date picker take focus.
return super.becomeFirstResponder()
if panel == nil {
return false
func displayPanel() {
assert(panel == nil)
let controller = ExpandingDatePickerPanelController(sourceDatePicker: self)
let controllerViewSize = controller.view.frame.size
let frameInWindow = convert(bounds, to: nil)
let frameInScreen = window!.convertToScreen(frameInWindow)
let distanceFromTopOfControllerViewToBottomEdgeOfTextualPicker =
(controller.view.frame.height - controller.datePickerTextual.frame.minY)
// Make the bottom edge of the textual date picker in the panel line up exactly
// with the bottom edge of the source date picker. This way, the text won't appear
// to jump around on expansion.
let panelContentRect = NSRect(x: frameInScreen.minX,
y: frameInScreen.minY - controllerViewSize.height + distanceFromTopOfControllerViewToBottomEdgeOfTextualPicker,
width: controllerViewSize.width,
height: controllerViewSize.height)
let panel = ExpandingDatePickerPanel(
contentRect: panelContentRect,
styleMask: .borderless,
backing: .buffered,
defer: true)
panel.backgroundColor = NSColor.clear
panel.isOpaque = false
panel.hasShadow = true
panel.hidesOnDeactivate = false
panel.isMovableByWindowBackground = false
panel.contentViewController = controller
panel.sourceDatePicker = self
// Unfortunatley, when this panel gets shown as a child window via
// -[NSWindow addChildWindow:ordered:] and made key, the traffic lights in
// the parent window will turn gray. This doesn't happen in
// because Apple uses a private API to allow the child window to share key-window
// status with the parent window. Instead of `-[NSWindow addChildWindow:ordered:]`,
// Calender uses the private `-[NSWindow addChildWindow:ordered:shareKey:]`.
// Found in CalendarUI.framework at:
// -[IIDatePickerWithMiniCal _openCalendarPickerWindowAndConfigureKeyViews]
// If you want to try the private API, replace the addChildWindow call with
// the following —
// let methodSel = Selector(("addChildWindow:ordered:shareKey:"))
// let methodIMP = class_getMethodImplementation(NSWindow.self, methodSel)
// let methodFunc = unsafeBitCast(methodIMP, to: (@convention(c)(Any?, Selector?, Any?, Int, Bool) -> Void).self)
// methodFunc(window!, methodSel, panel, NSWindow.OrderingMode.above.rawValue, true)
window?.addChildWindow(panel, ordered: .above)
self.panel = panel
alphaValue = 0.0
private func convertEvent(event: NSEvent, toPanel: NSPanel) -> NSEvent {
let eventWindow = event.window!
let locationInScreen = eventWindow.convertToScreen(
NSRect(x: event.locationInWindow.x,
y: event.locationInWindow.y,
width: 0,
height: 0)).origin
let locationInPanel = toPanel.convertFromScreen(
NSRect(x: locationInScreen.x,
y: locationInScreen.y,
width: 0,
height: 0)).origin
// Convert amd forward the event to the NSDatePicker instance inside the panel. That way,
// if someone clicks on the Year field, for example, the panel will open and the Year field
// will be focused.
let newEvent = NSEvent.mouseEvent(with: event.type,
location: locationInPanel,
modifierFlags: event.modifierFlags,
timestamp: event.timestamp,
windowNumber: toPanel.windowNumber,
context: nil,
eventNumber: event.eventNumber,
clickCount: event.clickCount,
pressure: event.pressure)!
return newEvent
override open func mouseDown(with event: NSEvent) {
guard isEnabled else {
if window?.firstResponder === self && panel == nil {
// To get to this state, the expandable date picker became the first responder,
// it expanded, the user hit escape, and then focus went back to the plain textual
// date picker. If the user clicks in the textfield again, it should re-expand.
let controller = panel!.contentViewController as! ExpandingDatePickerPanelController
controller.datePickerTextual.mouseDown(with: convertEvent(event: event, toPanel: panel!))
func dismissExpandingPanel(refocusDatePicker: Bool = false) {
panel = nil
alphaValue = 1.0
if refocusDatePicker {
isRefocusingToSourceDatePicker = true
isRefocusingToSourceDatePicker = false
override open func viewWillDraw() {
if datePickerMode != .single {
fatalError("ExpandableDatePicker's datePickerMode must be .single")
if datePickerStyle != .textField {
fatalError("ExpandableDatePicker's datePickerStyle must be .textField")
if datePickerElements != [.yearMonthDay] {
fatalError("ExpandableDatePicker's datePickerElements must be [.yearMonthDay]")