Set of tools to build static Qt 5.x libs on Windows.
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Set of tools to build Qt5 static libs on Windows.


Make sure Python, Perl are all in the PATH or add them to PATH in options.bat

You can check the official documentation here:


First, we need to check the folder names are correct in tools/options.bat

Open a VS command prompt in the repo's root.
The links for the prompts are "VS2017_Win32/64"

You will need to run qt.bat from the VS command prompt.

Run these commands in the following order to build Qt:

  • qt download
  • qt openssl
  • qt setup
  • qt build

Additional Qt modules

Those can be downloaded and installed by the script.
If you want to install extra Qt modules like qtscript or webkit:

  • Run this command: qt extra [module-name]
  • You need to run it once per module

You obviously have to do that after installing Qt. Modules can be found here:


Only release libs are enabled by default. You can add the debug libs or use the official sdk libs for debugging. You can add extra build options for Qt by editing the EXTRABUILDOPTIONS var in options.bat

You can check the official configuration guide here: