Cross-platform STLink v2 GUI
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Travis Build Status Travis - Ubuntu 14.04 - Qt5.2.1
Jenkins Build Status Jenkins - Ubuntu 16.04 - Qt5.5.1


QSTLink2 is a cross-platform STLinkV2 GUI.

It can perform the following actions:

  • Write
  • Read
  • Verify
  • Erase


Windows binaries:

Ubuntu PPA:

Building on Linux

Build dependencies:

  • libusb-1.0
  • QtUSB (included)
  • qt5-qmake
  • qtbase5-dev
  • libqt5gui5
  • libqt5xml5

Build steps:

git clone
git submodule update --init
sudo make install  # Optional

Building in Windows

You will need to run these commands from MSVC's CLI (I use MSVC2015 community) You might need to install windows driver SDK (WDK) to get WinUSB libs/headers. You can also build from Qt Creator, which is a lot easier.

I recommend that you build/download a static version of Qt 5 for Windows.
You can find a guide here:


  • MSVC 2010 or better (community/express editions work fine)
  • WinUsb (WDK)
  • QtUSB (included)
  • Qt 5.2 SDK or newer

Build steps:

git clone
git submodule update --init