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Challenge: build a price scraper

We need to have access to a database of product prices. For this, we would like you to build a PHP class that scrapes the prices for a given product from Google Shopping, a price comparison site.

Every product is uniquely identified by a 14-digit EAN number.

Take a look at test.php. This is how your class is supposed to work:

$google = new GoogleShopping;
$prices = $google->getPrices('8806085553941');

Please place your new class in the file GoogleShopping.php.

Clone this repository into your own Github repository and commit your code there. Then, you can send me a link. If you don't know how to do this, you can send me a ZIP file with your code.

How to crawl?

  1. Make sure that the EAN number has 14 digits. If it has less than 14 digits, add zeroes (0) on the left.
  2. Request the search page on this URL:
  3. Find the first product link on this page. For example: /shopping/product/12115883691353094589
  4. Add /online?hl=nl to the end of the product link, so you get /shopping/product/12115883691353094589/online?hl=nl
  5. Download the product link.
  6. Return an array with all the prices. See the example in test.php.


In order to process the HTML code in your script, it might be useful to use the PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser class. It is very easy to use. Feel free to do it another way, if you prefer.

Also, you might want to set the User-Agent header when you download the pages from Google. Otherwise it might block you. It is best to use curl because it makes it easy to add headers.