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This package contains python code for computing aperture photometry for
unresolved sources in astronomical x-ray images, as described in the article
Primini, F.A and Kashyap, V.L. 2014, The Astrophysical Journal, v. 796, pp. 24-37.
This version of the code uses the CIAO Sherpa and pyBLoCXS environments to sample
the posterior probability distribution.
The code is designed to run within the CIAO data analysis environment
(, but has not yet been tested with CIAO v. 4.10
or Python 3. Main Python program Function and Class definitions for Additional MCMC functions and class definitions
xap_mcmc_only.par CIAO style parameter file for
XAP/MCMC_Example: Test data for Figure 1 in Primini & Kashyap, 2014
acisf01575_001N001_evt3.fits.gz Test Chandra Level 3 Event List
acisf01575_001N001_r0115b_psf3.fits.gz Level 3 PSF image for source r0115
acisf01575_001N001_r0115b_regexp3.fits.gz Level 3 expmap for r0115
acisf01575_001N001_r0115_srcreg3.fits Level 3 source region for r0115
acisf01575_001N001_r0116b_psf3.fits.gz PSF image for r0116
acisf01575_001N001_r0116b_regexp3.fits.gz expmap for r0116
acisf01575_001N001_r0116_srcreg3.fits source region for r0116
acisf01575_001N001_r0123b_psf3.fits.gz PSF image for r0123
acisf01575_001N001_r0123b_regexp3.fits.gz expmap for r0123
acisf01575_001N001_r0123_srcreg3.fits source region for r0123
acisf01575_001N001_r0150b_psf3.fits.gz PSF image for r0150
acisf01575_001N001_r0150b_regexp3.fits.gz expmap for r0150
acisf01575_001N001_r0150_srcreg3.fits source region for r0150
new_acisf01575_001N001_r0116_bkgreg3.fits background region for all sources
r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_psfs.lis stack of psf filenames
r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_regexps.lis stack of expmap filenames
r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_srcs.lis stack of source region filenames
mcmc_r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_mpdfs.fits fits file containing marginalized posterior probability
distributions for all sources and background, in
separate fits extensions. Two separate smoothing
functions are used for each mpdf.
mcmc_r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_draws.fits fits file containing mcmc draws used to sample mpdfs.
xap_mcmc_only.log log of test run
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