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fprimini committed Mar 27, 2018
0 parents commit 8cd946f3c8eedf59c9ca2b216c7968f091933865
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@@ -0,0 +1,85 @@
imoose-64: ../ @@../xap.par
Input event list or image (acisf01575_001N001_evt3.fits.gz[energy=500:7000]): acisf01575_001N001_evt3.fits.gz[energy=500:7000]
Output binary fits table of pdfs, one extension per source (mpdf_r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_uninformative.fits): mpdf_r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_uninformative.fits
Background Regions (new_acisf01575_001N001_r0116_bkgreg3.fits): new_acisf01575_001N001_r0116_bkgreg3.fits
Source Regions (r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_srcs.lis): r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_srcs.lis
PSF Files (r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_psfs.lis): r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_psfs.lis
EXP Files (r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_regexps.lis): r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_regexps.lis
Source Intensities and Variances for Gamma-Priors (none): none
Getting Events from acisf01575_001N001_evt3.fits.gz[energy=500:7000]

Exposure: 37664.157219
Output results to mpdf_r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_uninformative.fits

Source Regions:

Background Regions:

PSF Images:

Counts in Region 0: 2395.000000
Counts in Region 1: 759.000000
Counts in Region 2: 90.000000
Counts in Region 3: 273.000000

Counts in Background Region: 1043.000000

[[ 9.47097792e+06 0.00000000e+00 1.88825435e+03 5.61431210e+03
[ 0.00000000e+00 8.43717107e+06 7.49609455e+03 1.30013338e+04
[ 0.00000000e+00 3.77625891e+03 9.27489281e+06 9.38946854e+03
[ 1.79756938e+03 9.35427532e+05 5.58759992e+03 9.27772159e+06
[ 6.86684574e+04 1.26875147e+05 2.78983391e+05 1.24331647e+05

Intensity Grid Attributes:
Grid Half-size number of MLE sigma: 5.000000
Minimum allowable grid value: 1.000000e-10
Number of grid points (per dimension): 30

Source 0: Mesh Length: 30
Source 1: Mesh Length: 30
Source 2: Mesh Length: 30
Source 3: Mesh Length: 30
Source 4: Mesh Length: 30

Building Priors.....
Using Non-informative Priors.....
Intensity Lower Bound Upper Bound
--------- ----------- -----------
MLE Estimate for Source 0 = 2.504735e-04 2.453049e-04 2.556421e-04
Bayes Estimate for Source 0 = 2.504663e-04 2.453738e-04 2.557455e-04
MLE Estimate for Source 1 = 8.667643e-05 8.340777e-05 8.994510e-05
Bayes Estimate for Source 1 = 8.666781e-05 8.345135e-05 9.001047e-05
MLE Estimate for Source 2 = 7.024156e-06 5.997127e-06 8.051185e-06
Bayes Estimate for Source 2 = 7.016438e-06 6.038933e-06 8.099839e-06
MLE Estimate for Source 3 = 1.735807e-05 1.554383e-05 1.917232e-05
Bayes Estimate for Source 3 = 1.734288e-05 1.557834e-05 1.921893e-05
MLE Estimate for Background = 8.048614e-10 7.790953e-10 8.306276e-10
Bayes Estimate for Background = 8.047743e-10 7.794389e-10 8.311429e-10

Estimates of Means and Variances of Individual Sources

s_mean Var(s)
------ ------
2.5058e-04 2.6725e-11
8.6792e-05 1.0698e-11
7.1293e-06 1.0660e-12
1.7451e-05 3.3029e-12
8.0561e-10 6.6450e-22
Binary file not shown.
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
SIMPLE = T / file does conform to FITS standard BITPIX = 16 / number of bits per data pixel NAXIS = 0 / number of data axes EXTEND = T / FITS dataset may contain extensions COMMENT FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format is defined in 'AstronomyCOMMENT and Astrophysics', volume 376, page 359; bibcode: 2001A&A...376..359H HDUNAME = 'PRIMARY ' END XTENSION= 'BINTABLE' / binary table extension BITPIX = 8 / 8-bit bytes NAXIS = 2 / 2-dimensional binary table NAXIS1 = 66 / width of table in bytes NAXIS2 = 5 / number of rows in table PCOUNT = 0 / size of special data area GCOUNT = 1 / one data group (required keyword) TFIELDS = 6 / number of fields in each row EXTNAME = 'REGION ' / name of this binary table extension HDUNAME = 'REGION ' / ASCDM block name TTYPE1 = 'X ' / Position TFORM1 = '1D ' / format of field TUNIT1 = 'pixel ' TTYPE2 = 'Y ' / Position TFORM2 = '1D ' / format of field TUNIT2 = 'pixel ' TTYPE3 = 'SHAPE ' / Region shape type TFORM3 = '16A ' / format of field TUNIT3 = ' ' TTYPE4 = 'R ' / Radius TFORM4 = '2D ' / format of field TUNIT4 = 'pixel ' TTYPE5 = 'ROTANG ' / Angle TFORM5 = '2D ' / format of field TUNIT5 = 'pixel ' TTYPE6 = 'COMPONENT' / Component number TFORM6 = '1I ' / format of field LONGSTRN= 'OGIP 1.0' / The HEASARC Long String Convention may be used.COMMENT This FITS file may contain long string keyword values that are COMMENT continued over multiple keywords. The HEASARC convention uses the & COMMENT character at the end of each substring which is then continued COMMENT on the next keyword which has the name CONTINUE. HDUCLASS= 'ASC ' / Region extension HDUCLAS1= 'REGION ' / Region extension HDUCLAS2= 'STANDARD' / Region extension CONTENT = 'REGION ' / CXC Content key HISTNUM = 15 HISTORY TOOL :dmmakereg 2012-01-13T14:18:34 ASC00001HISTORY PARM :region=ellipse(3753.1160188457,5219.7921083628,228.16672ASC00002HISTORY CONT :706608,201.67569541933,79.8440475464)-ellipse(3910.86071ASC00003HISTORY CONT :88703,5148.0211810013,33.6904640198,27.5195903778,81.254ASC00004HISTORY CONT :8065186)-ellipse(3753.1160188457,5219.7921083628,41.4848ASC00005HISTORY CONT :594666,36.6683082581,79.8440475464)-ellipse(3836.6864406ASC00006HISTORY CONT :780,5294.0084745763,39.1527938843,25.3704013824,95.23891ASC00007HISTORY CONT :44897)-ellipse(3793.1666666667,5206.2424242424,38.287052ASC00008HISTORY CONT :1545,32.9218597412,89.4324645996) ASC00009HISTORY PARM :outfile=new_acisf01575_001N001_r0116_bkgreg3.fits ASC00010HISTORY PARM :append=no ASC00011HISTORY PARM :kernel=fits ASC00012HISTORY PARM :wcsfile=acisf01575_001N001_evt3.fits.gz ASC00013HISTORY PARM :verbose=0 ASC00014HISTORY PARM :clobber=no ASC00015MTYPE1 = 'POS ' / DM Keyword: Descriptor name. MFORM1 = 'X,Y ' / [pixel] END @�R;f�x@�c�ǝEllipse @l�U�~@i5�L�@S���@����$��@�l;�!Ellipse @@�a �@;����@TPN� u@�R;f�x@�c�ǝ!Ellipse @D���@BU� �@S���@��_u'O@��+c�!Ellipse @C��� u@9^ҟ��@W�J_��T@��UUUU�@�V>���!Ellipse @C$���t@@u����@V[���l
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
@@ -0,0 +1,37 @@
This package contains python code for computing aperture photometry for
unresolved sources in astronomical x-ray images, as described in the article
Primini, F.A and Kashyap, V.L. 2014, The Astrophysical Journal, v. 796, pp. 24-37.

The code is designed to run within the CIAO data analysis environment
( Main Python program Function and Class definitions for
xap.par CIAO style parameter file for

XAP/Example: Test data for Figure 1 in Primini & Kashyap, 2014
acisf01575_001N001_evt3.fits.gz Test Chandra Level 3 Event List
acisf01575_001N001_r0115b_psf3.fits.gz Level 3 PSF image for source r0115
acisf01575_001N001_r0115b_regexp3.fits.gz Level 3 expmap for r0115
acisf01575_001N001_r0115_srcreg3.fits Level 3 source region for r0115
acisf01575_001N001_r0116b_psf3.fits.gz PSF image for r0116
acisf01575_001N001_r0116b_regexp3.fits.gz expmap for r0116
acisf01575_001N001_r0116_srcreg3.fits source region for r0116
acisf01575_001N001_r0123b_psf3.fits.gz PSF image for r0123
acisf01575_001N001_r0123b_regexp3.fits.gz expmap for r0123
acisf01575_001N001_r0123_srcreg3.fits source region for r0123
acisf01575_001N001_r0150b_psf3.fits.gz PSF image for r0150
acisf01575_001N001_r0150b_regexp3.fits.gz expmap for r0150
acisf01575_001N001_r0150_srcreg3.fits source region for r0150
new_acisf01575_001N001_r0116_bkgreg3.fits background region for all sources
r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_psfs.lis stack of psf filenames
r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_regexps.lis stack of expmap filenames
r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_srcs.lis stack of source region filenames
mpdf_r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_uninformative.fits fits file containing marginalized posterior probability
distributions for all sources and background, in
separate fits extensions
full_dataset_uninformative_priors_27_Mar_2018.log log of test run

12 xap.par
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
infile,f,a,"acisf01575_001N001_evt3.fits.gz[energy=500:7000]",,,"Input event list or image"
outfile,f,a,"mpdf_r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_uninformative.fits",,,"Output binary fits table of pdfs, one extension per source"
srcstack,f,a,"r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_srcs.lis",,,"Source Regions"
breg,f,a,"new_acisf01575_001N001_r0116_bkgreg3.fits",,,"Background Regions"
psfstack,f,a,"r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_psfs.lis",,,"PSF Files"
expstack,f,a,"r0115_r0116_r0123_r0150_regexps.lis",,,"EXP Files"
CL,r,h,0.68269,,,"Desired Confidence Level"
intenstack,f,a,"none",,,"Source Intensities and Variances for Gamma-Priors"
nmesh,i,h,30,,,"Number of mesh points per source"
verbose,i,h,1,0,5,"Debug Level(0-5)"
clobber,b,h,yes,,,"Overwrite existing outputs?"

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