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A small app to send the mouse position as midi/OSC controller
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Kontroll is a small utility that generates midi cc messages from the mouse position. 
It is inspired by the MouseX and MouseY UGens in Supercollider. It simply creates 
an alsa sequencer port which you can then connect with your favourite patchbay. The 
mouse position is independent of window focus and is relative to the screen origin 
at the upper left.

- Linux
- Gnu toolchain
- GTK+
- Glade
- liblo

You need the respective development packages for building kontroll. LASH is optional. 
If you don't have LASH installed please comment out the two lines in the Makefile 
(there will be a comment to tell you exactly what to comment out).

NOTE: The program has to be installed to work (otherwise the glade file is not found)



Florian Paul Schmidt (

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