XMPP integration for Django app made simple
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XMPP integration for Django app made simple!


This application is in early development stage. Every help or feedback is appreciated.


  • ConverseJS web chat integration
  • Support for MUC auto join
  • Support for users query
  • Ejabberd Django authentication using ejabberd_auth management command
  • Single sign on functionality without storing user's credentials (requires using ejabberd_auth)
  • Set avatar using gravatar and vCard during first login


Install django-xmpp via pip:

pip install django-xmpp

Add xmpp and django_gravatar into INSTALLED_APPS:


Setup most important variables:

XMPP_DOMAIN = 'example.com'
XMPP_BOSH_SERVICE_URL = 'https://xmpp.example.com:5280/http-bind'

Optionally setup ConverseJS to suit your needs:

    'allow_contact_removal': False,
    'allow_contact_requests': True,
    'auto_subscribe': True,
    'allow_logout': False,
    'allow_muc': True,
    'allow_otr': False,
    'allow_registration': False,
    'message_carbons': True,
    'hide_muc_server': True,
    'use_vcards': True,
    'animate': True,
    'play_sounds': True,
    'xhr_user_search': True,
    'sounds_path': '%ssounds/' % STATIC_URL,
    'visible_toolbar_buttons': {
         'call': False,
         'clear': False,
         'emoticons': True,
         'toggle_participants': False,

Include xmpp.urls in your urls.py:

urlpatterns = [
    url(r'^xmpp/', include("xmpp.urls")),

Use ConverseJS in your base template:

{% load xmpp_tags %}
{% conversejs_initialize %}

Ejabberd Django authentication

Create ejaberd_auth.sh file that will simply call ejabberd_auth management command. Adjust to suit your environment (eg. virtualenv):

cd <path_to_your_django_project>
python manage.py ejabberd_auth $@

Edit ejabberd.yml and add external auth script, eg.:

        auth_method: external
        extauth_program: "/<path_to_your_project>/ejabberd_auth.sh"


These are all available settings you may use.

URL for ConverseJS BOSH connection
Default XMPP domain
Domain for multi user chats (default converence.<XMPP_DOMAIN>)
Authentication type for ConverseJS (prebind is not supported so login is the only option)
dictionary of settings passed to converse.initialize. For more list of available options see Converse.js docs
Enable or disable XMPP at all
Enable or disable vCard update
Update vCard every n hours (default False)

A note on usernames

Jabber IDs are case-insensitive (so "MyUser@domain.com" and "myuser@domain.com" are the same account). By contrast, the username field in the default Django User model is case-sensitive (see this Django ticket). This means two separate "MyUser" and "myuser" accounts in Django will have the same JID on the XMPP server. The ejabberd_auth management command will not authenticate such users, and they will both see "Authentication failed" in Converse and other XMPP clients.

To avoid such conflicts, it is recommended to use a custom User model that enforces unique lowercase usernames with a RegexField. Other characters not allowed in a Jabber ID should be excluded as well. See this guide for details.