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#include <Windows.h>
DWORD addrMessageBoxW = NULL;
__declspec(naked) int (__stdcall prolog_MessagBoxW)(HWND hWnd, LPCWSTR lpText, LPCWSTR lpCaption, UINT uType)
push ebp
mov ebp, esp //"custom" implementation prolog of the standard function prolog
add addrMessageBoxW, 5 //add +5 to jump over prolog and skip hooks using hotpatching
jmp [addrMessageBoxW] //call MessageBoxW +5
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
HMODULE hmodUser32 = LoadLibrary(L"user32.dll");
addrMessageBoxW = (DWORD)GetProcAddress(hmodUser32, "MessageBoxW");
prolog_MessagBoxW(0, L"Hook Hopping", L"Hook Hopping", 0);
return 0;