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An open source self hosted web app for your notes and bookmarks side by side.

This project is currently in Beta. You may encounter bugs or errors.


  • URLs are automatically saved with an image, title and description
  • supports both markdown and a rich text editor
  • can be installed as a PWA on your mobile devices (and desktop)
  • collections can be shared via a public available URL
  • links can be pasted (by pressing only one button)
  • can be hosted almost anywhere thanks to its use of the lightweight Lumen framework and well supported PHP language

Installation & Upgrade

Currently their are three options for you two choose from:

Feel free to contact me if you need any help or open an issue.

Rest API


POST /api/auth/login

Logs in a user

Attribute Value
email Required.
password Required.

POST /api/auth/refresh

Refreshes the JWT Token

GET /api/auth/me

Returns the authenticated user

POST /api/auth/logout

Logs out the authenticated user


GET /api/posts

Get multiple posts

Attribute Value
collection_id Optional. Specify a collection of which you want to request posts. If collection_id is not specified you will get all posts from all collections from your user
is_uncategorized Optional. Specify if you wish to get all posts without a collection.
limit Optional. Limit the amount of requested posts by number

GET /api/posts/{id}

Get one post by its id

POST /api/posts

Create a new post

Attribute Value
collection_id Optional. Specify a collection you wish to save your new post to, if not, your post will not be part of a collection.
title Optional. Specify a title, gets automatically filled if your content is a link
content Required. Specify a link, post, message, ..

PATCH /api/posts/{id}

Update an existing post

Attribute Value
collection_id Optional. Specify a collection you want to save your post to instead. To patch a post from the uncategorized collection simply use 0 as value for the collection_id
title Optional. Change your posts title
content Optional. Change your posts content
order Optional. Specify a new order you wish to move your post to

DELETE /api/posts/{id}

Delete a post by its id


An open source self hosted notes and bookmarks taking web app.





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