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v1.1.0: 01 Nov 2017

  • internal refactorings
  • different highlight for variables starting with underscore
  • provide a way to specify the path of a Mix project inside a vscode project (elixir.projectPath)
  • merged latest elixir syntax file from atom
  • more details in problem view for compiler warnings
  • support for espec test failures in problem view

v1.0.0: 04 Sep 2017

  • many internal refactorings
  • fix for starting elixir_sense on windows
  • support elixir_sense in multi folder workspaces
  • fixes to the html / eex language configuration

v0.5.1: 27 Jul 2017

  • small bugfix for windows
  • update elixir_sense

v0.5.0: 13 Jun 2017

  • Switched to using Elixir Sense for autocomplete/intellisense. If your are having issues with the new implmentation you can switch back to the old one by setting the property elixir.useElixirSense to false

    This feature was implemented by PotterDai

v0.4.1: 04 May 2017

  • Problem matchers for compile warnings fixed

v0.4.0: 01 May 2017

  • Problem matchers for compile and test errors
  • describe snippet

v0.3.1: 06 Apr 2017

  • Small bugfix for Windows users

v0.3.0: 20 Mar 2017

  • implemented a documentation lookup when hovering over code

v0.2.0: 15 Mar 2017

  • minor fixes for autocompletion issues

v0.1.2: 09 Mar 2017

  • fix startup issues
  • remove completion of paremter indices for macros
  • fix elixir warnings
  • added braces to autoclosing pairs
  • Enable emmet completion in html.eex files

v0.1.1: 03 Dec 2016

  • Added autoclosing quotes
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