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Welcome to the frab wiki!

If your conference uses frab, or you maintain a related application, please feel free to add to this page.

Known users


Take a peek at the Screenshots page.


The Manual page describes how to organize conferences with frab. There is an ERD on the Documentation page.

Related applications

  • Mobile fahrplan apps, display the program schedule in an app, some support personalized schedules
  • Giggity, Generic Android conference schedule viewer
  • Typo3 public schedule replacement
  • halfnarp, a public survey tool to help with assigning time slots and rooms to events
  • Conference ticket and T-Shirt sales software like pretix
  • engelsystem, used to manage helpers and assign shifts
  • VOC tracker, which manages the actual recording, cut, encode and publishing of videos for the talk
  • voctoweb, website for presentation of video recodings e.g. at

First frab developers meeting