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The almost-attic room has no handle on the door. It would be simple to add a handle and would prevent someone getting locked in the room - quite easy at the moment as the sprung latch is working fine.

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frabcus commented May 24, 2012

It needs a non-standard diameter bar.

See this issue where I gave up on it:

Which links to this thread:


frabcus commented May 24, 2012

I guess the best answer is to replace the whole mechanism.

Can you measure the cross-section of the spindle? Maybe the next person who looks at this issue will find some the right size ...

If you don't have any calipers, push some blu-tak into it to get an impression.

Just looking at this again and doing a bit of googling, this may be of interest:

You can get 5mm and 7mm spindles, in either case with a sleeve if necessary so that you can fit the end onto an 8mm handle, for trivial sums.


frabcus commented Jul 12, 2012

Thomas got locked in because of this, I had to get a screw driver to rescue him. I'd thought the latch was jammed but clearly not, and this bug report does say so in its original text :(

As a short term safety measure, we've unscrewed the latch completely.

symroe commented Jul 25, 2012

I expect someone bearded and good at metal work would be able to make a custom width spindle for this. He would need to be provided with exact dimensions.

(also this house on github stuff is a great idea!)

Chances are the bearded chaps at the link above have already done so, of course. Glad to hear my bug report had helpful information at least :-)


frabcus commented May 1, 2014

The original issue for this was fixed. There's now no lock as well as no handle, so it is safe, and it doesn't seem to cause problems. Closing for now.

@frabcus frabcus closed this May 1, 2014

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