Door hung wrong way (living room) #58

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frabcus commented Jul 22, 2012

It probably would be better hung the other way round so that it opens the other way.


Remember to note the position of the light switch as there is nothing more annoying than one hidden behind a door that has been hung the other way. Switching door usually means switching light switch position.

frabcus commented Jan 29, 2013

Ooo! That's an excellent thing to warn me of - thanks eyesparky.


Any idea when you will fix this issue?

frabcus commented Jul 31, 2014

Nope! More a reminder to tackle it if doing other redecorating.
On 31 Jul 2014 18:22, "Andreas Kuckartz" wrote:

Any idea when you will fix this issue?

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#58 (comment).


This is probably the coolest use I have ever seen for GitHub xD


@frabcus is @akuckartz your wife? My wife asks me the same thing all the time.

frabcus commented Jul 1, 2015

@RossMNelson not that I can remember ;)

wedidit commented Jan 15, 2016

Good job!

ghost commented May 17, 2016

Come on. Fix it already 😫

fer-rum commented Jul 13, 2016

May I instead suggest to re-factor the one-directional hinged door into a bi-directionally hinged one?
Alternatively, you could implement a sliding door or a maybe a curtain?


Bit-directional doors have an issue with not being able to seal the edges around though, and issue if an outer door or bathroom or bedroom or so, not an issue with closets or such variants.


As a work-around for not having to reposition the light switch, you could go for a PIR-sensor automatic light switch. Whenever you enter the room the light would turn on automatically.


We should think simple - just get rid of the door - it only gets in the way anyway.

gerv commented Nov 17, 2016

Perhaps a door which hinges at the top and opens vertically? This gives light switch access to either side. Flexible.

(This is an engineer's solution, not a UX person's solution :-)

clinch commented Nov 17, 2016

Bead curtains should at least be considered. They allow for good airflow, semi-privacy, and the light switch can be located on either side of the door way.

Plus, it'll give your house that 60's hippie "je ne sais quoi".

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