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GitHub being misused #74

Michagogo opened this Issue · 10 comments

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Pretty sure this isn't meant as a maintenance to-do list for homes.


Pretty sure github was meant for innovation.


I'm not sure I understand. Let me see if I understand your analogies:

  1. "Playing baseball with a frisbee": i.e. silly and possibly pointless
  2. "Playing frisbee with a baseball bat": i.e. possibly dangerous

I don't see how a maintenance to-do list on github fits in either category.

Or perhaps for arguments' sake, I could add,

  1. "Using the home team's baseball bats and their field for a game of frisbee, while the home team tries to play their game": i.e. possibly using other peoples' rightful resources

But if it's the latter, I don't see how a maintenance to-do list on github does this.


Someone, apparently from Github, says "We don't view it as an abuse at all! We dig fun uses of GitHub like this. Carry on, and good luck with the house." in the Hacker News thread about this.

@frabcus frabcus closed this

Congrats to bug filer on being called a "sourpuss", by Wired of all places:


LMAO, this made my day.


I went to add a "stop being a wowser" bug ticket to one of Michagogo's projects, but he doesn't have any! Isn't that a misuse of Github? hehe.


Anarchy in the UK. Next thing you know, we'll drink tea in coffee mugs! :laughing:


Sourpuss will sue?


Kind of hypocritical seeing as his only repo consists only of a README.

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