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THIS REPO IS ONLY A MIRROR: Native GTK app to share files on the local network
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Teleport is a native GTK3 app to effortlessly share files on the local network.

Screenshot of the Teleport application window

Have you ever asked yourself why the easiest way to move a file between two computers in the same room involves sending it to a server in another country?

Teleport is designed to be a replacement for using USB keys or emailing stuff to yourself just so you have them on another device on your desk. The main user interface on the receiver's side are notifications:

Screenshot of a Teleport notification


Teleport is currently in early development, but you can try it by installing it via flatpak. If you're running a modern GNU/Linux distro you should already have flatpak, or be able to install it from your repositories.

If you have GNOME Software (or another GUI app to install flatpaks), just download this file and open it in Software (your browser should offer to do that before downloading).

Otherwise you can also install it from the command line:

flatpak install --from


It's still early days, but we have exciting plans for the future. While Teleport can currently only send individual files, longer term we are interested in doing things like:

  • sending multiple files and folders
  • sending text snippets
  • file transfer progress bars
  • encryption in transit
  • native Android/iOS/macOS/Windows apps



  pacman -S base-devel libsoup avahi gtk3 meson
  git clone
  cd teleport
  sudo make install
  teleport # or ./_build/src/teleport


  apt install pkg-config libsoup2.4-dev libavahi-client3 libavahi-client-dev libgtk-3-dev meson
  git clone
  cd teleport
  sudo make install
  teleport # or ./_build/src/teleport


AGPLv3, because freeeeeeedom

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