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A django application that simplifies the way you sell your personal stuff.
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A virtual store that wants to make your life easier when you think about selling some personal stuff. You don't need intermediate people or to pay fees. It's informal, simple and focus on the main goal: sale.

Running the project

It's very easy to use django-jobim.

Clone the repository, install the requirements, synchronize the database and fire up the server:

git clone git://
cd django-jobim
make environment
python syncdb
python runserver

When you are done, you will have your store available at http://localhost:8000 and the administrative section at http://localhost:8000/admin, you are ready to add new products and to visit your store.

Requirements to host the project

Just run make environment and wait the installation. I recommend you to use virtualenv.

Note: Mac OS X doesn't have libjpeg installed by default and your PIL won't recognize JPEG images if you don't install the libjpeg library.

Requirements to developers

Just run make development and wait the installation. I still recommend the use of virtualenv.

Running the tests

If you already ran make development you just need to run:

make test

And you will see a pretty nice output. :D


The django-jobim project follows the GNU Affero General Public License.

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