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OpenTrials Multi-lingual Clinical Trials Registry Platform
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This is the Clinical Trials Registration System developed by BIREME/PAHO/WHO
with the Brazilian Ministry of Health (Ministério da Saúde/DECIT), Fiocruz 
(Fundação Oswaldo Cruz/ICICT) and the Pan American Health Organization

The project Web site, documentation wiki and issue tracker are at:

The main Subversion repository is at:

There is also a git-svn mirror at:


- Python 2.4 or higher. Preference for 2.6
- Django 1.2 or higher
- Some of database wrappers, like psycopg2 or MySQLDb
- Python Imaging Library ( )
- django-registration
- django-rosetta
- south

We suggest you read a more detailed page at:


This package helps on the deploy process, because installs depended packages on their required
versions. Helps also to find good solutions for tests, continuous integration and others.

Before all you must install the script "raminelrecipe" from::

    git clone git://
    cd raminel-recipe
    sudo python install

"raminelrecipe" is just an extension of "djangorecipe" that changes the way of set the project
'settings' module, ignoring the project name (instead of set it, on original version), because
some projects do not use the project as the root module.

After that::


.. note::
    We used the recipe "djangorecipe" to help on Django's projeto deploy. So, to run management
    commands, you have to replace the old ``python`` for ``./bin/django/``.
    Examples: ./bin/django migrate; ./bin/django runserver

    There is also a WSGI script automatically created in ./bin/ directory that should be used
    by Apache or Lighttpd (or another web server).

Alternate Install

Use the pip requirements file 

    pip install -r requirements.txt
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