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Python 2.7 wrapper for Weka using javabridge.
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Python 2.7 has reached its end-of-life in 2020, you should consider using the Python 3 version of this library, as the Python 2.7 version will no longer get updates!


Python wrapper for the Java machine learning workbench Weka using the javabridge library.


  • Python 2.7 (for Python 3 version see here)
    • javabridge (>= 1.0.14)
    • matplotlib (optional)
    • pygraphviz (optional)
    • PIL (optional)
  • Oracle JDK 1.8+


  • Weka (3.9.3)


Detailed instructions and links to videos on installing the library are located here.

Please note, that you need a build environment to compile some libraries from source.


You can post questions, patches or enhancement requests in the following Google Group:!forum/python-weka-wrapper


See python-weka-wrapper-examples repository for example code on the various APIs. Also, check out the sphinx documentation in the doc directory. You can generate HTML documentation using the make html command in the doc directory.

Available online documentation:

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