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package com.fractalwrench.json2kotlin
internal typealias GroupingStrategy = (lhs: TypedJsonElement, rhs: TypedJsonElement) -> Boolean
* Determines whether two JSON Objects on the same level of a JSON tree share the same class type.
* The grouping strategy used here is fairly simple. If either of the JSON objects contain 1/5 of the same
* keys as one of the others, then each object is of the same type.
* The only exception to this rule is the case of an empty object, which is considered to have 1 common key
* with the other class, as this allows grouping with smaller objects, but discourages it with larger ones.
internal fun defaultGroupingStrategy(lhs: TypedJsonElement, rhs: TypedJsonElement): Boolean {
val lhsKeys = lhs.asJsonObject.keySet()
val rhsKeys = rhs.asJsonObject.keySet()
val lhsSize = lhsKeys.size
val rhsSize = rhsKeys.size
val emptyClasses = (lhsKeys.isEmpty() || rhsKeys.isEmpty())
val maxKeySize = if (lhsSize > rhsSize) lhsSize else rhsSize
val commonKeyCount = if (emptyClasses) 1 else lhsKeys.intersect(rhsKeys).size
return (commonKeyCount * 5) >= maxKeySize // at least a fifth of keys must match