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Writings on Crypto Law

Over the course of the last decade there have been several opinions on the reconciliation between "smart contract" systems and existing bodies of law.

This is complex because:

(1) Smart contracts do not always work as described or desired, and thus it is easy to deviate from intent

(2) Many of the implementation areas of blockchain go into areas that explicitly violate existing laws (e.g. various types of work)

(3) Many of the design decisions of standard blockchains solutions are global in scope and emphasize being resilient against "interference" by regional jurisdictions rather than integrate into them.

(4) Some of the "autonomous" possibilities of applications run contrary to the standard human first ideas of ethics

(5) Clear decisions by regulatory authorities about how to treat the technology often lag the initial implementation by 3-5 years in the best case

We present the most important work of the blockchain community on the trade of and possible integration points between existing legal systems and cryptographically secure ledgers.


Nick Szabo, Smart Contracts


Nick Szabo, Secure Property Titles with Owner Authority


Nick Szabo, Wet Code


2013 Larimer, DACs Revisited

2014 Vitalik Buterin, "DAOs, DACs, DAs and More: An Incomplete Terminology Guide,"


Distributed Collaborative Organizations

First Coincenter

Houman Shadab, "Empowering Distributed Autonomous Companies"


SEC DAO ruling, (

Gav Wood on Alegality

PdF + cardoso papers


Coin Center Framework


Vlad Zamfir For a new crypto legal system