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The Lala List

A list of companies one would not want to touch with a 10ft pole while wearing a Hazmat suit. PRs for new additions are welcome. The list itself is in no particular order.

Code of Conduct

  • In order to add a company, please Send a PR with company name and public proof of notoriety.
  • Personal grudges, word-of-mouth, arbitrary defamation, and second-hand knowledge would not be considered as enough proof.
  • Proof to be shared in form of screenshots, tweets, links - anything that is/was a public comment from the company management and is viewable publicly (without logging-in/paywalls).
  • Please do not send screenshots of private conversations and email chains of people simply disgruntled by work or interview processes.

Bold Kiln

Every candidate who asks in the first 5 questions they have - "How many working days / week?", should just reject them at that stage I think.

— Abhishek Agarwal (@abhishekaggy) December 27, 2017

When you're 21-25, if you're stressed about working 6 days a week, I don't think I want to work with that.

— Abhishek Agarwal (@abhishekaggy) December 27, 2017


What a great thread! Top 3 takeaways:
1. Make the offer signing process very serious. Contracts, NDA, penalty for not joining. via @anuj
2. Share on social media someone is joining via @PrashantPansare
3. Give a laptop the moment they accept via @prabirkaushik

— Aakrit Vaish (@aakuvaish) March 14, 2018

I think we should create a public / non editable google sheet with names of people who backout after accepting. Obviously need proof before putting anyones name on the list. A Glassdoor for people interviewing.

— Swapan Rajdev (@SRajdev) March 13, 2018


(Diversity over merit)

Yo tweeps know women in backend/DevOps looking for positions? Hiring for 1 of the most challenging roles, scaling our AI platform globally

— ashwini asokan (@LadyAshBorg) 8 February 2017

Bank On Cube

(Name and shame a candidate publicly if he decides against joining the company - because ethics???)

1. Shorter notice periods - 2 weeks. Give and get
2. Founders secret blacklist of flakes
3. Name and shame socially

Pick any/all that you find acceptable.

— Satyen V Kothari (@saty_77) March 13, 2018


(Apparently, younger people don't need a life. Thanks to @harshalbot)

While I am all for work-life balance, when you are just starting off in your career, you should just put in the hours.

— Sanket Nadhani (@sanketnadhani) 16 May 2018


(Ability to handle pressure and long hours. Are you hiring developers or pressure cooker. )

Ability to handle pressure and long hours. 10 Jun 2018


Unapologetic about exploiting their employees. Convince employees it's okay because "Barack Obama works like this".

Last I checked, it was 3:07 am. I’ve been working since 11 am yesterday, and I’ll likely be in the office until 6 am when I’ll walk home, fall asleep for a few hours, and come back to do it all over again.

In a company survey, we learned that SocialCops employees pull an average of 5 all-nighters per month and work about 60 hours per week. Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and someone is usually working in the office at any given time, be it a Sunday afternoon or Friday evening.

Deepu often comes to work at 4 pm and leaves around 5 am. Krishna, another engineer, loves working in long continuous stretches — several days straight spent in the office alternating coding and Xbox — followed by a full day at home

Socialcops Image


(The Mumbai Floods are but a minor inconvenience, it seems. Thanks to @harshalbot)

We have such people in our @nowfloats family who challenge the challenges. @GulatiSinghJ @Rebel_Nitin @rokrsa @satishkohli13 #lakshyakoharhaalmeipaanahai

— Satyarth Shukla (@imsatyarth) 9 July 2018
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