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Get Off My Lawn!

A game written using JavaScript and the HTML 5 Canvas element.


We'll eventually post a demo on our Github page.

For now, you can download the source and simply open it in your browser.

Two ways to run Get off my lawn

first, you can run GOML on IISExpress. Simply run the following command from the src directory:

$ .\start_server.bat

This will start an iisexpress site in the src directory. You can now run GOML in your browser by visiting http://localhost:8080.

You can also run GOML using nodejs. This is probably what we will use to host GOML when we go live and it is the best way to debug/test GOML. Just download and install NodeJS for windows then run the commands below from the src directory:

$ npm install supervisor -g
$ npm install

These commands will install the GOML nodejs application dependencies on your machine. This will also install a tool called "supervisor" which enables hot reload of a nodejs application when source files change. Now, just start the nodejs server with supervisor enabled:

$  .\start_server

Now, whenever you change a javascript, css, png or jade view file, the server will reload and the client will refresh in the browser.