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Subversion to Git conversion script
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Agito is (yet another) Subversion to Git conversion script.

It is designed to do a better job of translating history than git-svn,
which has some subtleties in the way it works that cause it to
construct branch histories that are suboptimal in certain corner case
scenarios.  Agito was created to convert the history of Chocolate
Doom, which exhibits some of these corner cases. For more information
on how Agito is different to git-svn, see DESIGN.

To use Agito, you must write a configuration file. The easiest way to
do this is to copy the file 'example.cfg' and modify it as
appropriate. Most of the default settings are fairly sensible. While
Agito has several advanced features that can be used, these can be
simply ignored if they aren't needed.

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