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Releases: fragglet/c-algorithms

C Algorithms v1.2.0

26 Apr 03:11
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  • The license has been changed to the ISC license.
  • Support for compiling with gcc coverage options and running tests in
  • All headers now have extern "C" definitions for use in C++ programs.
  • Trie free function uses a non-recursive algorithm to avoid the
    possibility of stack overflow.

Test suite:

  • Framework added for testing memory allocation/free.
  • Tests have been fixed to properly free any memory allocated during
    execution of the test.
  • Tests have been expanded to increase the code coverage.
  • A test case has been added for testing use of the program in C++

Bugs fixed:

  • Memory leak in hash table.
  • Bugs with the AVL tree.
  • Trie responds to out of memory scenarios correctly.

C Algorithms v1.1.0

26 Apr 03:10
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  • Added data structures:
    • Binary Heap
    • Binomial Heap
    • Bloom Filter
  • Iterator functions changed to a model based around an iterator structure
    rather than callback functions.
  • Void pointers used for keys/values replaced by typedefs to void pointers.
    This allows the type to be changed to something else if desired.
  • Hash table sizes changed to use a set of recommended prime numbers
    that are mathematically good for use in hash tables:
  • Tests added for some code that was not covered by the test suite.
  • Failed malloc() calls are now checked for.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Lockup with set_remove function.
    • set_to_array did not include all values.

C Algorithms v1.0.0

26 Apr 03:09
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First release.