Free Software LHA implementation
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Lhasa is a library for parsing LHA (.lzh) archives and a free
replacement for the Unix LHA tool.

Currently it is only possible to read from (ie. decompress) archives;
generating (compressing) LHA archives may be an enhancement for future
versions. The aim is to be compatible with as many different variants
of the LHA file format as possible, including LArc (.lzs) and PMarc
(.pma).  A suite of archives generated from different tools is
included for regression testing. Type 'make check' to run the tests.

The command line tool aims to be interface-compatible with the
non-free Unix LHA tool (command line syntax and output), for backwards
compatibility with tools that expect particular output.

Lhasa is licensed under the ISC license, which is a simplified version
of the MIT/X11 license that is functionally identical.