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A client for the Habitica, made in the Unity game engine. Currently doesn't work, because the API needs to be updated.
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#The Habit Engine The Habit Engine is a client for the open source project HabitRPG. I created the Habit Engine with the intention of building upon and extending the concept of HabitRPG as a motivational tool for self-improvement.

It's currently just a client for habitRPG in the unity game engine, but I would one day like to add more engaging media elements that include story events, game events, or build events. Ultimately I would like to create a sort of alternate reality that reacts to your actions in a procedurally generated sort of way. Like playing a game or making a story as you go along your daily business, in a way that is interesting and engaging, and motivating. The mundane would become the fantastic.

I want to use the best that modern media has to offer to empower people to change themselves and to change their own lives, instead of using that modern media as a means of escape. By improving ourselves, we can improve the world.

To start developing on the habitengine, simply clone this code, clone unityhttp into the "assets" folder, Open the Habit Engine project folder with Unity 4.6 beta(or better) or unity 4.5.3(or better), open the "login.unity" scene and then run.

Alternatively you can use uniweb, instead of unityhttp.

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