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This small project represents my experience with automation of daily wiki reports creation for Agile team.


Working on Agile project we stuck with daily reports creation, which took to much time to be created manually. I decide to create a small python script which would create a page on the wiki based on the template and fill it with data worklogs from jira and commits from git repository per each of team members.
Having the ability to gather information from jira I decided to create additional script which will build different statistics charts (bars, burn-downs).
Later ability to notify team members to fill in their worklogs has been added, available protocols: jabber, skype.

Requirements and tool set

- confluence_cli is used for interacting with wiki;
- jira_cli has been used initially for gathering tasks info from jira. Later jira SOAP API has been involved to gather worklogs;
- Skype installed for notifications sending;
- python 2.6
- git