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Anonymous Watchers plug-in

Anonymous Watchers plug-in:

  • Allows to add any emails as watchers in Redmine. Open an issue, click 'Add watchers' and you will see additional email field.

  • Allows to subscribe to/unsubscribe from Redmine events anonymously as regular users do. Just click Watch/Unwatch on desired item as anonymous user and then enter your email.

  • Adds more events to subscribe. You can now subscribe anonymously or as regular user to: all issues, all documents, all files, all news.

  • When creating issues from mails, it adds non-member emails to watchers automatically (exceptions can be configured).

Recommended to use together with “Anonymous Authors plug-in”:

Forked for compatibility with Redmine 2.3+

Forked from git://

The original plugin does not work in later releases of Redmine, following the addition of Private Notes. This fork aims to restore Anonymous Watchers compatibility with Redmine 2.3+.

Installation And Configuration

From a ZIP file:

  • Download the latest version of the plugin

  • Unzip to /plugins (Redmine 2.x) or /vendor/plugins (Redmine 1.x) folder of Redmine

From a GIT repository:

  • Clone repository with git clone plugins/redmine_anonymous_watchers command

After download:

  • Run bundle install

  • Run rake redmine:plugins:migrate (Redmine 2.x) or rake db:migrate:plugins (Redmine 1.x).

  • Restart Redmine.

  • In Administration -> Settings -> Email notifications select events you want be able to subscribe.

  • Enable Subscribe anonymously permission for Anonymous role, if you want to let anonymous users to subscribe.

  • Configure emails exceptions list in plugin settings, if you use issues creation from mails.


This plug-in is compatible with Redmine 1.4.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.3.x (2.2 untested)