Release 3.1 Beta 1

@seancorfield seancorfield released this May 15, 2015 · 481 commits to develop since this release

Minor enhancements and bug fixes:

  • #308 renderData() now supports rawjson type — assumes data is already JSON-encoded.
  • #310 Application.cfc is now correctly autowired like a controller — you can specify accessors=true on Application.cfc and declare property injection points
  • #312 New routesCaseSensitive configuration option (default true) allows route regexes to be applied as case sensitive or case insensitive
  • #313 Environment configuration merge is now performed (mostly) recursively
  • #314 diConfig is now propagated to subsystem bean factories
  • #315 Fixed failure of isConstant() DI/1 method when encountering an unknown bean name
  • #321 Fixed SES URL handling thread safety bug (available in 3.0.1 release)
  • #322 Placeholder variables in routes are limited to alphanumeric, hyphen, and underscore so that :name.html is treated as {:name}.html instead of {:name.html}
  • #323 Fixed context root bug (introduced in 3.0.1; available in 3.0.2 release)