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@seancorfield seancorfield released this Sep 17, 2016 · 101 commits to master since this release


The focus of the 4.0 release is on improving REST support. Improvements include:

  • JSON-encoded and URL-encoded POST / PUT body support.
  • Controllers have easy access to HTTP headers.
  • Builder syntax for renderData() result elements.
  • Support for user-supplied rendering functions.
  • Integrated support for HTTP OPTIONS verb.
  • Per-resource error handling.
  • Setting status text (in addition to status code) in HTTP responses.
  • Wildcard HTTP method support.

In addition, DI/1 has had a number of enhancements, including the addition of a builder syntax for programmatically declaring beans.

Breaking Changes

  • 443 - Prevented loadListener from being accidentally inherited and run on a managed subsystem bean factory (it should only run on the main parent factory). This is potentially breaking: if you relied on running load listeners multiple times -- however, that was never a recommended approach.
  • 400 - By default, property declarations that contain a type or default are now ignored for autowiring. In earlier versions of FW/1 (DI/1), such property declarations would have been treated as dependencies and autowired: you could override that behavior for typed properties by specifying omitTypedProperties : true in your configuration. That is now the default behavior. In addition a new omitDefaultedProperties setting has been added, also defaulted to true, which is what tells FW/1 (DI/1) to ignore property declarations that contain a default. If you need to restore the pre-4.0 behavior, add omitDefaultedProperties and/or omitTypedProperties to your configuration, set to false.
  • 391 - Adobe ColdFusion 9.0.2 is no longer a supported platform. FW/1 4.0 relies on closure support and therefore requires Adobe ColdFusion 10 or later. Support for Railo and Lucee has not changed.
  • 390 - If you override missingBean() in DI/1, read the documentation carefully as this is now an official extension point with different behavior to previous releases.


  • 448 - Added callClojure() extension point for cljcontroller.cfc.
  • 442 - In Alpha 1 and Beta 1, the decodeRequestBody setting was called enableJSONPOST. As a migration aid, attempting to set enableJSONPOST will throw an exception saying you should use decodeRequestBody instead.
  • 441 - decodeRequestBody handles URL-encoded form variables, which is typical for PUT, as well as JSON-encoded form bodies (see issue 389 below for the introduction of this setting).
  • 439 - Add framework.facade component to make FW/1 accessible out-of-band (for integration purposes).
  • 434 - Add getRoutePath() convenience method.
  • 419 - Add getCGIRequestMethod() convenience method.
  • 418 - Allow factoryBean() to accept function/closure.
  • 417 - Add builder syntax for bean declarations.
  • 416 - Delay bean discovery (where possible) until after declarations are processed.
  • 415 - Add support for CFML-only and Clojure-only search paths.
  • 414 - Add support for Boot to cfmljure.
  • 413 - layout() may now be called from controllers.
  • 412 - Add renderer() to access renderData() builder and add header() to set HTTP response headers.
  • 411 - Add headers argument to controllers.
  • 410 - Clarified license (Apache Source License 2.0), added LICENSE file.
  • 409 - Dependency injection uses additional caches to improve getBean() performance (by a factor of 9x-25x, depending on your usage and your CFML engine).
  • 407 - DI/1 now has a public hasParent() predicate method.
  • 400 - Dependency injection ignores typed/defaulted properties by default. This can be disabled via the omitDefaultedProperties and omitTypedProperties settings.
  • 399 - getBean() now accepts an optional second argument that can override beans in the factory to provide constructor arguments to be used in the bean's init() call.
  • 394 - Improved error messages when DI/1 attempts to use a CFC that has syntax errors to include filename/line number of the underlying error.
  • 392 - A wildcard resource match is generated for $RESOURCES to provide per-resource error handling. This can be disabled via the perResourceError setting.
  • 390 - DI/1 now considers missingBean() to be a fully supported extension point that allows users to handling getBean() calls for unknown beans by any means, including creating and returning their own beans.
  • 389 - A new setting decodeRequestBody tells FW/1 to deserialize the JSON-encoded body of an HTTP request.
  • 388 - The statusCode and jsonpCallback arguments to renderData() have been deprecated and a new builder syntax has been added to support all possible parameters available when rendering data, e.g., renderData( "json" ).data( result ).statusCode( 202 ).
  • 387 - A new setting preflightOptions tells FW/1 to provide built-in support for HTTP OPTIONS. An additional setting optionsAccessControl allows you to fine tune the Access-Control-* headers returned.
  • 386 - Routes can now have $* as an explicit wildcard for the HTTP method.
  • 385 - The new renderData() build syntax supports statusText() to set the HTTP response status text.
  • 328 - The renderData() type may be a function/closure that returns contentType, rendered content, and an optional writer for delivering the data to the browser.

Bug Fixes

  • 449 - Fix race condition in DI/1's bean resolution caching.
  • 446 - Fix bug in $RESOURCES when nested resource appeared in multiple resources.
  • 440 - Improved thread safety on application reloading. Even reloadApplicationOnEveryRequest : true should be safe now!
  • 429 - Removed expandPath() in calls to cachedFileExists().
  • 427 - Fixed bug that prevented before() / after() working in Clojure controllers; fixed bug that caused Clojure controller shims to be created twice.
  • 422 - Fix bug with case insensitive routes.
  • 420 - Fix bug in transient autowiring (caused by caching metadata).
  • 395 - Corrected calls to buildURL() in examples.
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