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This repo is deprecated and not mainted any more. Use Framework7-CLI instead. Please, don't open new issues and don't send any PRs to this repository

Framework7 Vue Template

A simple Framework7 Vue setup in a single HTML file

This template is targeted at beginners who want to start exploring Framework7 & Vue without the distraction of a complicated development environment.

For advanced features such as asset compilation, hot-reload and CSS extraction, we recommend that more experienced developers use Framework7 Vue Webpack Template


1. Download this repository

git clone my-app

Repository will be downloaded into my-app/ folder

2. Instal dependencies

Go to the downloaded repository folder and run:

npm install

This will download latest version of Framework7, Framework7-Vue, Vue (to /www/libs/) and required icon fonts (to /www/fonts/)

3. Run the app

npm run serve

App will be opened in browser at http://localhost:8080/

Use with cordova

Just put the contents of www folder in your cordova's project root www folder

One command install

git clone my-app &&
cd my-app &&
npm install &&
npm run serve

Live Preview