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using System.Collections.Generic;
using Xamarin.Forms;
namespace DeveloperSample.Core.Helpers
public static class ViewExtensions
public static List<T> GetAllChildrenOfType<T>(this Element view)
if (view is ContentPage page) view = page.Content;
var output = new List<T>();
if (view is T tview)
if (view is Layout layout)
foreach (var child in layout.Children)
if (child is Element elementChild)
return output;
public static T GetFirstParentOfType<T>(this Element view)
var output = view;
while (output.Parent != null)
if (output.Parent is T parent)
return parent;
output = output.Parent;
return default;
/// <summary>
/// Gets the screen coordinates from top left corner.
/// </summary>
/// <returns>The screen coordinates.</returns>
/// <param name="view">View.</param>
public static (double X, double Y) GetScreenCoordinates(this VisualElement view)
// A view's default X- and Y-coordinates are LOCAL with respect to the boundaries of its parent,
// and NOT with respect to the screen. This method calculates the SCREEN coordinates of a view.
// The coordinates returned refer to the top left corner of the view.
// Initialize with the view's "local" coordinates with respect to its parent
var screenCoordinateX = view.X;
var screenCoordinateY = view.Y;
// Get the view's parent (if it has one...)
if (view.Parent.GetType() != typeof(App))
var parent = (VisualElement) view.Parent;
// Loop through all parents
while (parent != null)
// Add in the coordinates of the parent with respect to ITS parent
screenCoordinateX += parent.X;
screenCoordinateY += parent.Y;
// If the parent of this parent isn't the app itself, get the parent's parent.
if (parent.Parent.GetType() == typeof(App))
parent = null;
parent = (VisualElement) parent.Parent;
// Return the final coordinates...which are the global SCREEN coordinates of the view
return (screenCoordinateX, screenCoordinateY);
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