@framps framps released this Jan 19, 2019 · 12 commits to master since this release

  1. Enhancement: Use custom config file with option -f (#93)

  2. Bugfix: tar backup misses system directories (#103)

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@framps framps released this Jan 12, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release

  1. Bugfix: Don't terminate raspiBackup with kill if the backup program dd, rsync or tar fails (Git issue)
  2. Improvement: Alternate boot discovery discovers operating systems which don't have a dedicated boot partition
  3. Improvement: Reminder to execute a restore test (Git issue)
  4. Bugfix: Parameters starting with '-' are rejected (Git issue)
  5. Improvement: stderr and stdout are used instead of tty only (Git issue)
  6. Bugfix: Test for pv is wrong (Git issue) (Already rolled back into 0.6.4)
  7. Improvement: Force fsck when booting restored image (Git issue)
  8. Bugfix: Mode discoveryin restore is weak (Git issue) (Already rolled back into 0.6.4)
  9. Bugfix: -T option in config file doesn't work correctly (Git issue) (Already rolled back into 0.6.4)
  10. Bugfix: Logfile may create error with tar and rsync (Git issue)
  11. Bugfix: tar backup excludes sudirectories with name sys (Git issue)
  12. Bugfix: CTRL-C exits raspiBackup without cleanup (incl. deletion of the new invalid backupdirectory) (Git issue)
  13. Bugfix: Extension and backup tool messages not written on terminal (Git issue)
  14. Bugfix: Extension use old message format and memory extension shows incorrect numbers (Git issue)
  15. Bugfix: eMail text is overwritten when notifying a new beta version (Git issue) (Already rolled back into 0.6.4)
  16. Improvement: Support for msmtp (Thx PwOSS for his PR)
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Jan 12, 2019
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@framps framps released this Jul 30, 2018 · 36 commits to master since this release

  1. Improvements:
    1.1 Option -L accepts a logfilename
    1.2 Installer accepts with option -L a logfilename
    1.3 Flag --systemstatus creates a list of active servies and open files in the debug log
    1.4 Enhance DEFAULT_MAIL_ON_ERROR_ONLY=1 functionality
    1.5 Check whether all tools used by raspiBackup are available
    1.6 Add option to define the sender eMailAddress
    1.7 Added missing debug statements and other minor enhancements

  2. Bugfixes:
    2.1 Added DEFAULT_APPEND_LOG_OPTION (See #52) to change option used by email program to append log file
    2.2 Exclude log files from backup (see #54)

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@framps framps released this Mar 10, 2018 · 102 commits to master since this release

  1. Improvements
    1.1. Restore termination improvement
    1.2. /boot can be on mmcblkNp0 where N can be > 0
    1.3. New option -B will save the boot partition in a tar file.
    1.4. New option -C will enable bad block checking when partitions are formatted.
    1.5. Option -U also considers available beta versions
    1.6. New optionparser allows to turn on and off all on/off options. For example -z turns on the zip mode as before and -z+ turns it on also but -z- turns it off. In addition options of the following format are now possible --optionsname.
    1.7. New option --noResizeRootFS and --resizeRootFS turn on and off the resizing of the root partition during restore
    1.8. New option --version displays the current version of raspiBackup
    1.9. Support of Volumio
    1.10. New option --timestamps enables timestamps in front of messages
    1.11. rc 23 and 24 from rsync are no longer accepted by raspiBackup

  2. Bugfixes
    2.1. -U check detects the current version is identical to the latest available version
    2.2. memory sample extension works also on Jessie
    2.3. perl no longer used

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@framps framps released this Nov 5, 2017 · 128 commits to master since this release

  1. Improvements
    1.1 There exists another extensionpoint which is called just before starting the backup . That way it's possible to access internal variables of raspiBackup like the backup directory name. See also #16
    1.2 Test whether symlinks can be created on backup partition if rsync is used. See also #19

  2. Bugfixes
    2.1) Fixed errorhandling of backuptools. git issue. Bug exists since v0.6.2. See #18. Users of tar backup should upgrade to this release.
    2.2) Fixed DHCP restore problem with tar
    2.3) raspiBackuprestore2Image fails on Stretch. See #23

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@framps framps released this Oct 7, 2017 · 156 commits to master since this release

  1. Improvements
    1.1 Starting with Debian9/Stretch and sfdisk 2.27.1 the messages format changed. Debian8/Stretch is now supported by raspiBackup
    1.2 Better error message handling
    1.3 Display progress when creating a backup or restoring backup
    1.4 Boot partition can be located on root partition
  2. Bugfix
    2.1 When using the fake mode the new empty backup directory will be deleted
    2.2 Partition oriented backup supports > 9 partitions
    2.3 Stopped services will be started again when backup is aborted with CTRLC
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