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NOTE: Windows and Linux precompiled binaries can now be found at
This is README.txt file for lglc source package. lglc (Leaf Graph
Language Compiler) is a compiler for the LGL language whose target
code is a subset of the DOT language ( The
LGL language is an ASCII-ART based graph definition language, whose
aim is to code graph structures in a readable way. Here is an example:
A -> B <
\ /E -> @C
D <
\F -> G, H
The code above defines the graph structure that can be easily
guessed. Note that the code "E -> @C" creates a loop with the
previously defined node C. Also note that "F -> G, H" creates two
edges. The resulting graph can be visualized converting this code to
DOT language through the lglc compiler and then using Graphviz tools.
The LGL compiler is part of a pipeline management system, so it lacks
some standalone stuff at the moment (notably documentation).