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Welcome to Franca wiki!

This is the new Franca wiki. It is initially populated with the wiki pages from the (now outdated) EclipseLabs site. We will add more information and documents in future.


Franca users should visit the Quick Install Guide. If you are switching from Franca 0.8.x to a more recent Franca version, the Franca Migration Guide 0.8 to 0.9 might be helpful.

Franca use cases

Franca can be used for building HTML5 UIs, see Building HTML5 UIs with Franca.


For feedback and discussions around Franca there is a Franca forum at Google Groups, see

For developers

Franca developers may have a look at Install Franca sources.


There is an online Franca presentation available. This can also be used nicely from smartphones and tablets.

The Franca framework has been built using the open source projects EMF, Xtext and Xtend. Thanks to all committers of those projects for their great and helpful contributions!

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