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Ignorio is a simple package to manage your git exclusions. This command line application helps you to download a template from without going to the site using the site's API


Add a language exclusion list

  • You can add multiple languages to the exclusions list, just make sure they're listed on the supported list.

Append a language to the exclusion list

  • You don't have to overwrite your current exclusion list, if you have added Python and SublimeText before then you can go right ahead and append Ruby to it.

Show supported languages

  • Supported list of languages by, you can easily grep this data if you need to find a determined language.

Verbose for the paranoids

  • And if you're paranoid enough or just like to see more data displayed on your terminal, well, check the -v flag.

How to contribute

  • Fork it
  • Make changes
  • Make a pull request to the develop branch.

Like the project?

If you like the project and would like to chip in a dolar or two, go ahead and do it here.

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