Challenge #3: Initializing a Class

Franccesco Orozco edited this page Apr 26, 2018 · 5 revisions

Difficulty: :star::star:

Test: pipenv run python -m unittest tests/ -f


  • Import the package requests. Beware: It is more beneficial to load only the packages that you need, in this case you will need the method get from requests package.
  • Modify your IPInfo class inside and define your initialization module. This initialization will require only one parameter of type string and will be called ip.
  • Create a Class Attribute named ip_data. This class attribute will requests a json response from the public API where IP_NUMBER is equal to the initialization parameter ip. To challenge yourself, try to make this JSON request in a single line.

TL;DR: Define your class initialization that accepts only one parameter => Create a class attributes that makes a json requests to


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