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What's New:
Version 1.0.1 (Testbed): Uploaded a proof-of-concept version of webPID updated to account for PTV replacing Metlink and the E-Class launch. Never functioned due to request blocking by the webPID server.
Version 1.0 (6001): Initial GitHub version.

What's Planned:
1.1 (6002): Introduce expanded search. Since not everyone has memorized Stop ID numbers, allow searching by area (ie: Melbourne CBD). See the *Beta.html page for the current [broken] progress.

Route 96 Tracker (20 November 2013) – I wrote this after YarraTrams launched its newest tram, the E-Class. It’s a really sexy tram and I couldn’t wait to ride it. Since it was to be exclusive to Route 96 at its launch, it made it very easy to track where it was. All you had to do look for it on TramTracker along route 96. The Route 96 Tracker lists every single stop along Route 96 (in both directions) to see what the next three tram types will be for any given stop. Because WebPID uses old code and the E-Class is very new, WebPID lacks an image for it. So, to find the E-Class, all that has to be done is look for a stop with an incoming tram with no image (96a and 96d excluded). This will change if WebPID ever receives an update (it’s still written for MetLink).


Originally built to track the E-Class trams. Uses WebPID to display every stop on Route 96 in Melbourne.






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