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Issues for organizations and discussions, repo for debriefs and resources
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France P2P
France P2P

The French community interested in P2P & Cryptography technologies.

Discussions, documentation, and resources on community practices.



This repo is a good place to ask questions or give suggestions about the events or the community in general.

You can read more about our values here.

You can submit a talk or a workshop proposal here.

See current proposals.

Fill an issue here.


Paris P2P
Paris P2P
Lyon P2P
Lyon P2P
Lyon P2P
Rouen P2P

Code of Conduct

Since we're a peer-to-peer community, please, just Don't be a Dick!

If at anytime you choose to do something that a rational person of average intelligence could reasonably consider your actions as "Being a dick", you are in violation of this code of conduct.

More info here.


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